ATTAP Sport Academy offers various programmes. Schools, camps, individuals and coaches can benefit from available programmes below. Each training is designed and tailored to specific needs with results that are targeted for professional career building. 

The form at the bottom of this page presents a simple and straightforward booking. All of our training programmes are explained and what to expect from them. 

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€80 / 45 mins

Individual Training

Location is dependent on the Client until our Facility is ready.

Get the chance to work 1 v 1 with one of our professional Coaches. Whether your goal is to prepare for a professional Try-out or to keep fit in pre-season.

€50 / session (starting price)

School Sports Programme (Mondays)

Entertaining sports programmes for pupils.

I will gladly visit your school and run a PE session with your Primary and Secondary School students. Whether for a one time sports event or for a Term, my team and I are here for you.

€80 / program

Coaching the Coaches

Professional Coaching Seminar for active and aspiring Football Coaches.

Location will be advertised with course details. There will be extra charges.

In Corporation with National and International Football Associations, we will provide Coaches with the latest updates on Game tactics, Technical drills, Playing systems, selecting teams, FIFA regulations, Coaching styles etc.

€xx / xx mins

Football Camps

Join our Football camps for exciting drills and strategic fun times

Our Football Camps are designed to give the general audience a taste of our Academy’s game philosophy. The drills are well adjusted to stimulate mental, as well as social engagements. Every child will have the chance to be coached in individual and group tactics by our professionally trained Coaches.

€xx / xx mins

Talent & Elite Scouting

Have you got Talents in your ranks?

Have you got Talents in your ranks? Do you need help evaluating them? We are here for you!

No sessions in the next 7 days.

€50 / hour

Sport Mentoring

Service description

Needing advice in your sporting Career, having issues with your Coaches or Teammates, Preparing for a sporting life Abroad or seeking general counselling surrounding your sport, Talk to an expert

€80 / 45 mins

Subsidiary & Consultancy

Let us help you get that juicy Clause

We represent all our Academy Players and we certainly can represent you to get the necessary clauses and add-ons in your contracts activated.

We can also help you scout players, scout scouts and scout coaches.