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Emmanuel Agbike

CEO, Coach & Scout

UEFA B-License (DFB)

Sports Agent (SMWW)


ATTAP (All Things to All People) Sports Academy is a sports organisation with the goal to meet the growing need for top quality Training, Scouting and Sports development in Nigeria and beyond. Our Sports programme integrates all the training aspects that will stimulate individual and team development so that graduating players will have the relevant understanding and chemistry to effortlessly fit into any team home or abroad. We will run a Football Academy to train players in game strategies and tactics, and guide them in their professional careers. We will provide Individual training for players wanting to stay fit through preseason or prepare for try-outs…

€80 / 45 mins

Individual Training

Location is dependent on the Client until our Facility is ready.

Get the chance to work 1 v 1 with one of our professional Coaches. Whether your goal is to prepare for a professional Try-out or to keep fit in pre-season.

€50 / session (starting price)

School Sports Programme (Mondays)

Entertaining sports programmes for pupils.

I will gladly visit your school and run a PE session with your Primary and Secondary School students. Whether for a one time sports event or for a Term, my team and I are here for you.

€80 / program

Coaching the Coaches

Professional Coaching Seminar for active and aspiring Football Coaches.

In Corporation with National and International Football Associations, we will provide Coaches with the latest updates on Game tactics, Technical drills, Playing systems, selecting teams, FIFA regulations, Coaching styles etc.